How the Club Circuit Works

Step 4 - The Show

Doing the show should be relatively easy compared to getting booked. But there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Prep time: You need to get to the club early enough to get everything set up and do a sound check.
  • Equipment: You need to bring all of your equipment, and you need to bring backups of everything. You should put new strings on the guitars. You should have backup guitars to use if you break a string onstage. You need spare fuses, spare cords, spare tubes (if you have tube amps). You should have a backup plan for everything that can go wrong. There is nothing worse than being onstage and being unable to perform because of equipment problems.
  • Set structure: You need to think about your set for the night. What songs will you play, and in what order? When will you take breaks? How long will you play? (The club probably has a policy -- find out what it is). 

For more information on doing club gigs, check out the links below.

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