How Brickfilm Works

Brickfilm Future
Tooth Fairy is ready for her closeup.
Tooth Fairy is ready for her closeup.
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As long as Legos and similar toys are around, and people still have the desire to make animated films, there will likely be brickfilm. There are even a bunch of annual festivals and filmmaking competitions dedicated to them. And since Lego itself has hosted a competition, sponsored some brickfilms and created a brickfilm-making app, it's clear they've embraced the art form.

Anyone with the time and equipment can join in on the fun. The only thing you have to lose is, well, lots and lots of time. Productions can be as complicated or simple as you want to make them. You can do nearly professional-level animation with everything planned out via storyboards and a script, or you can start with a loose idea and shoot from the hip.

Of course, the more planning you do in pre-production, the more high-end your equipment and the more honed your skills, the more polished your brickfilm will be. But many amateur efforts out there have a lot of charm. So if you have the will, and some Lego or similar brick building sets, you might want to give making a brickfilm a go. And if that sounds like too much bother, you can just enjoy them online like the rest of us.

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