Booty-O's Cereal Is Now An Actual Thing You Can Buy

By: Stephen Randle

Oh, Internet, don’t you dare be sour, because the cereal created out of nothing but pure imagination is now a real thing! That’s right, thanks to an announcement made at this week’s San Diego Comic-Con by The New Day themselves, Booty-O’s, the cereal that makes sure you ain’t booty, is now available for pre-order online at f.y.e. for the low, low…actually, fairly high price of 13 dollars!

Okay, so at that price, it’s unlikely you’re going to be buying it for breakfast on a regular basis, especially since the description makes it sound like you’d basically be buying an expensive, unicorn-filled version of Lucky Charms, but that doesn’t changed the fact that somebody actually made a real cereal based on a wrestling gimmick. Just look at how happy these guys are, eating their daily recommended intake of Booty-O’s!