Inside 'Battlestar Galactica'

Hatch's Take

Cylon Centurian
Cylon Centurian
Photo courtesy NBC Universal, Inc.

Richard Hatch has remained closely aligned with the Galactica world for the past decade. He appears at sci fi conventions, writes comic books and tie-in novels, and contributes his voice to a character in a Battlestar prequel game for PlayStation 2 and XBox. He also owns and operates

Playing a new character in an altered version made it easier for him. "What could have been an awkward situation got smoothed over very quickly. Everybody was friendly and also fans of the original show so I didn't feel like I was in an alien environment with a bunch of strangers. I had to work hard to get over my bias and prejudice because I loved the original story so much," Hatch continues. "Now I can look at it on its own terms and appreciate it and not compare it."

Remembering the three-story bridge of the original spaceship, Hatch was pleasantly surprised by the look and scope of the new production. "The sets were big, more detailed and the ships more weathered and real. I was blown away." He hopes that this version will last longer than the first, which proved too costly to repeat for additional seasons. "We had high ratings for a first year show but it was too expensive and we couldn't get the shows completed in time to air them." Also, he adds, "They didn't realize the merchandising value of the show," and produced few collectibles. Hatch owns a lunchbox, plus "a couple of the original Vipers that were used for special effects. I think they're worth in the thousands and thousands of dollars."

He also has one of Apollo's jackets. "I liked the costume. I wasn't that into the cape," he confides. "But I liked the boots and the leather jackets."