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1925 Baseball Season

The Yankees dropped out of contention when Babe Ruth dropped out of their lineup during the 1925 baseball season. The Pittsburgh Pirates went on to beat the Washington Senators in the 1925 World Series. Learn about the 1925 baseball season and its highlights.

1926 Baseball Season

The Cardinals won the first pennant ever for St. Louis and beat the Yankees in the 1926 World Series, under the new leadership of Manager Rogers Hornsby. Learn how the 1926 baseball season shaped up.

1927 Baseball Season

The 1927 baseball season featured the New York Yankees -- one of the sport's greatest teams -- in their greatest season. But the season also came with accusations of games being fixed by Ty Cobb and Tris Speaker. Learn about this heroic team.

1928 Baseball Season

Once again, the New York Yankees dominated during the 1928 baseball season. And not only was the team solid, but this was the year Babe Ruth broke new records.

1929 Baseball Season

The 1929 baseball season featured the Philadelphia A's winning the World Series vs. the Chicago Cubs -- even after the A's had finished last the previous seven season. Learn more about the 1929 baseball season.

1942 Baseball Season

1942 marked another unique year for baseball, as star players left to serve their country in World War II. See all the highlights including the 1942 World Series.