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1971 Baseball Season

The 1971 baseball season featured Tom Seaver's record 10-in-a-row strikeouts, and great pitching seasons from Vida Blue, Ferguson Jenkins, and Catfish Hunter. Learn about the 1971 baseball season including the 1971 World Series.

1972 Baseball Season

A baseball players' strike initially cut the 1972 baseball season short by two weeks, but it still contained plenty of action when the games got started again. Learn about the 1972 baseball season and the results of the 1972 World Series.

1973 Baseball Season

Pete Rose was MVP in 1973, with a .338 average and a whopping 230 hits. The 1973 baseball season also brought the Oakland A's return as World Champions while the Mets stumbled. Learn more about the 1973 baseball season.

1957 Baseball Season

1957 was Hank Aaron's year -- he seized the public's attention with an awesome MVP performance. See all the highlights including the 1957 World Series.

1958 Baseball Season

The Braves, the Browns, the Athletics, and the Dodgers all moved to new cities in 1958. The 1958 baseball season featured the New York Yankees winning the World Series despite being down 1-3. Learn more about the 1958 baseball season.

1959 Baseball Season

Ted Williams and Stan Musial dropped to merely average performance in the twilight of their careers. The 1959 baseball season featured the Los Angeles Dodgers winning the World Series. Learn more about the 1959 baseball season.

1960 Baseball Season

The Pittsburgh Pirates won the 1960 World Series, but all eyes were on the slugging duo of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, who made up for the weak pitching staff of the Yankees. Learn more about the highlights and stars of the 1960 baseball season.

1931 Baseball Season

The 1931 baseball season saw the major leagues return to a more balanced offense and defense, as the sport paid respects to two of the American League's most important figures.

1932 Baseball Season

The 1932 baseball season saw Babe Ruth's last great year of baseball and a NY Yankees comeback to win the American League pennant after three years of post-season failure. See the highlights including the 1932 World Series.

1933 Baseball Season

Manager John McGraw retired in 1932, but his NY Giants team went on to dominated the 1933 season. This year also featured the first All-Star game. See all the highlightsof the 1933 baseball season, including the results of the 1933 World Series.

1934 Baseball Season

In the 1934 baseball season the hard-hitting Tigers and the rough-and-tumble Cards stood out. See the season's highlights as well as the 1934 World Series.

1935 Baseball Season

The end of Babe Ruth's legendary career and the Chicago Cubs’ surprising 21-game winning streak to claim the pennant were the main events of the 1935 baseball season. See all the highlights including the 1935 World Series.

1936 Baseball Season

1936 was a crucial year for baseball -- the New York Yankees discovered another legend: Joe DiMaggio. See all the highlights including the 1936 World Series.

1937 Baseball Season

The season was a controversial one for St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Dizzy Dean. After being called on a balk, he became angry and began throwing at opposing batters. See all the highlights of the 1937 baseball season, including the World Series.

1938 Baseball Season

The New York Yankees marched on to yet another victorious year, claiming the World Series trophy in a sweep of the Cubs. Jimmie Foxx of the Red Sox also had one of the best offensive seasons in baseball history. See all the highlights of the 1938 season.

1916 Baseball Season

In 1916 the Giants opened the season with a bad streak of consecutive losses, and went on to set a record winning streak. The Boston Red Sox took the World Series Championship. See highlights and headlines from the 1916 season.

1917 Baseball Season

The 1917 baseball season belonged to the Chicago White Sox as they clobbered the Giants for the World Series win. Ty Cobb also made a comeback for a spectacular offensive season. See all the highlights of the 1917 baseball season.

1918 Baseball Season

The 1918 baseball season was cut short due to World War I -- baseball did not claim exemption as a public morale service. See the highlights of the short season including the Red Sox vs. Cubs 1918 World Series.

1930 Baseball Season

The 1930 baseball season was an exciting one with many individual hitting records set. The most famous of these is Babe Ruth's incredible 52 home runs. See all the highlights including the 1930 World Series.

1919 Baseball Season

With the end of World War I in 1919, both baseball and the nation as a whole returned to business as usual. The 1919 baseball season is famous for the scandal involved when the Chicago White Sox threw the World Series away to the Cincinnati Reds.

1920 Baseball Season

This was one eventful season -- Cleveland won the World Series, Babe Ruth broke even more records and one player was killed by a pitch. Get the full story on the 1920 baseball season.

1921 Baseball Season

The 1921 baseball season was one of Babe Ruth's best, and helped define the coming era as the beginning of home run mass production. Learn how the New York Giants won the World Series with a combo of great hitters and pitchers.

1922 Baseball Season

The 1922 baseball season set new records for runs and homers. With all that offense, only one pitcher managed to eke out an ERA under 3.00. Learn how the New York Giants won the World Series for the second time in a row.

1923 Baseball Season

The 1923 baseball season saw the opening of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. Both the Yankees and Giants earned their third consecutive pennants. Learn how the Yankees also made the news in the 1923 World Series.

1924 Baseball Season

The 1924 season was another successful year for the Giants. The Yankees weren't so lucky though, and suffered numerous losses despite another banner year from Babe Ruth.