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1983 Baseball Season

Johnny Bench, Carl Yastrzemski and Gaylord Perry all retired after the 1983 baseball season. Read our recap of everything that happened in the 1983 baseball season.

1999 Baseball Season

The 1999 baseball season featured the New York Yankees winning their 25th World Series -- their third in four years -- despite the arrest of Darryl Strawberry and weak season from Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens. Learn more about the 1999 baseball season.

2000 Baseball Season

The New York Yankees and New York Mets met in the popular Subway Series at the end of the 2000 baseball season. Popular, at least, if you lived in New York and not in a beleaguered small market franchise. Learn more about the 2000 baseball season.

1984 Baseball Season

The 1984 baseball season is marked by excellent players like Ryne Sandberg and Rick Sutcliffe, and surprisingly successful seasons from the Padres, the Cubs, and the Mets. Learn more about the highlights of the 1984 baseball season.

2001 Baseball Season

Barry Bonds broke the single-season home run record with 73 dingers in 2001. The end of the season featured the Arizona Diamondbacks winning the World Series over the Yankees. Learn more about the 2001 baseball season.

1950 Baseball Season

The Philadelphia Phillies shocked the nation in the 1950 baseball season -- they made it to the World Series. Learn more about this exciting baseball season.

1985 Baseball Season

Several major milestones arrived in 1985, such as Nolan Ryan's 4000th strikeout, Rod Carew's 300th hit, and Tom Seaver and Phil Niekro both earning their 300th win. Learn more about the 1985 baseball season.

1951 Baseball Season

Though it was a slow season, the 1951 baseball season was the dawning of an era with a new commissioner in charge. The Dodgers came flying out of the gate behind MVP Roy Campanella. Check out the highlights of the 1951 baseball season.

2002 Baseball Season

The last games of the 2002 season featured a well-rounded and well-supported Anaheim Angels besting Barry Bonds and the San Francisco Giants to win the World Series. Learn more highlights, league leaders, and statistics of the 2002 season.

1986 Baseball Season

The 1986 baseball season was a dazzling one for the 'Macho Mets' of New York and the strong Houston Astros team in the NL West. See all the highlights of the 1986 baseball season, including a memorable 1986 World Series.

1987 Baseball Season

During the 1987 baseball season, record-breaking performances were the name of the game, with both novices and veterans providing record-breaking performances. See all the highlights including the 1987 World Series.

1988 Baseball Season

Orel Hershiser was a standout pitcher in 1988, with his amazing streak of 59 scoreless innings. The 1988 baseball season featured a World Series match between the underdog Dodgers and the mighty A's. Learn about the 1988 baseball season.

1989 Baseball Season

Candlestick Park was shaking -- the largest earthquake in San Francisco for decades. The 1989 baseball season ended with game three of the World Series being delayed due to the disaster. Learn more about the 1989 baseball season.

1990 Baseball Season

The biggest World Series upset since 1969 came during the 1990 baseball season, when the Cincinnati Reds swept the impressive Oakland A's squad. Learn more highlights and stories from the 1990 baseball season.

1991 Baseball Season

The 1991 baseball season saw the last-place Minnesota Twins and the bottom-dwelling Atlanta Braves of 1990 at the top their divisions -- a feat not seen since the year1890. See the highlights including the 1991 World Series.

1992 Baseball Season

The 1992 baseball season saw the first World Championship team from outside the United States: the Blue Jays of Toronto, Canada winning over the Atlanta Braves. Learn more of the highlights and lowlights of the 1992 baseball season.

1993 Baseball Season

When the Giants procured Barry Bonds, the 1992 National League MVP, from the Pirates as a $43 million free agent, Candlestick Park, the Giants' much maligned home, suddenly became a hot ticket.

1994 Baseball Season

During the 1994 baseball season, both major leagues shut down when the players went on strike. Learn more about the 1994 baseball season.

1995 Baseball Season

The unresolved baseball strike delayed the start of the 1995 baseball season, but the Atlanta Braves pulled out a crisp World Series Championship over the Cleveland Indians. See all the highlights including the 1995 World Series.

1946 Baseball Season

During the 1946 baseball season, the St. Louis Cardinals won the 1946 World Series in seven well-pitched games. Learn more about this baseball season.

1981 Baseball Season

Much to the dismay of baseball fans, the 1981 baseball season is best remembered for the ten-week players' strike that canceled 713 games and ushered in the unpopular split-season format. Learn more about the 1981 baseball season.

1947 Baseball Season

The year of Jackie Robinson and also the year of the first televised World Series -- this was 1947. Robinson debuted with the Brooklyn Dodgers and earned Rookie of the Year for his performance. Learn more about the 1947 baseball season.

1948 Baseball Season

During the 1948 baseball season, baseball came within one game of having an all-Boston World Series. Find out more about the 1948 baseball season.

1949 Baseball Season

During the 1949 baseball season, Casey Stengel platooned the New York Yankees to the world title. Get highlights from this historic baseball season.

1944 Baseball Season

The 1944 baseball season was the nadir of wartime baseball but the National League still managed to shine. The American League, however, had to limp along with a player shortage. Learn more about the 1944 baseball season.