How Spikeball Works

Basics of the Game

A spikeball net and ball.
A spikeball net and ball.
Spikeball, Inc.

To play Spikeball, you need three things: four people, a Spikeball net and Spikeball ball, which is surprisingly small – perhaps half the size of a volleyball.

The net set-up is roughly the diameter of a hula hoop and sits at about ankle height. Assembly is quick [source: Spikeball]:

1. Remove net, rim pieces (5), clips (20) and rim feet (5) from box.

2. Snap rim pieces together to form a circle.

3. Use clips to attach the net to the interior of the rim.

4. Attach the feet to the underside of the rim.

At this point, you might want to stretch out, because things are about to get active.

Gameplay really is reminiscent of volleyball and four square. Two teams of two stand facing each other around the net. One player on the serving team starts the round by bouncing the ball off the net toward the other team. The receiving team has to return the ball, again by bouncing it off the net, but this time the ball doesn't have to bounce toward the opposing team. It can bounce anywhere, and the returning team can run (and dive and leap) wherever needed to gain control of the ball, ultimately spiking it back onto the net.

As in volleyball, each team has up to three hits to return the ball. You don't have to use all three; a team member can spike it back right off the bounce. But usually, three hits are a good way to go. Player 1, who gets to the ball first, hits it up in the air for Player 2, who hits it up in the air toward Player 1, who is now in position to spike, and Player 1 spikes it downward into the net. If all goes according to plan, the other team picks up the ball work from there [source: Spikeball].

But not every hit goes according to plan, which brings us to the rules of Spikeball. There are, as you might have guessed, only a few.