How to Make a Backyard Obstacle Course for Kids

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Author's Note: How to Make a Backyard Obstacle Course for Kids

When you marry someone, you don't spend a lot of time wondering what kind of parent they are going to be. Or at least guys don't worry about that sort of thing. Maybe we assume that all women are born to be great mothers. Or maybe we intuitively know that any woman who can put up with our whining can easily handle the worst toddler tantrum. Either way, as much as I loved and appreciated my wife's many talents before we had children, I was not prepared for how much she would blossom as a mom. An excellent example is the backyard obstacle course. My wife didn't need an article like this one to figure out that all you really need is some chalk, a driveway and two competitive toddlers to turn a lazy summer afternoon into a mini-Olympics. But even supermoms like my wife can use a new idea every now and then, so I hope you feel inspired to make some homemade entertainment for your kids this summer.

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