Easy DIY Lawn Games You Can Build

Noodle Ball
Noodle ball is played on land with swimming pool noodles cut in half cross-wise. iStockphoto/Thinkstock

Want to use your noodle this summer? We have the game for you. With a few foam swimming noodles, balloons and laundry baskets, you can set up a backyard game in no time.

Start by cutting swimming noodles in half, so that you have two equal sections. You'll want enough noodles to provide each player with a noodle "bat." Then, place laundry baskets at an equal distance from each other. For younger players, you can place the baskets about 6 feet (1.8 meters) apart. Go farther for older players.

Divide players into teams and assign each team a laundry basket as "home plate." Randomly place about 24 blown-up balloons between the baskets and shout, "Play ball!"

Players then try to put as many balloons into their baskets as possible. The trick is that they can only use the pool noodle to move the balloons. They must not touch the balloons with their bodies. After a few minutes, you may want to offer a hint: Working together will offer more success than a solo act [source: Herring].

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