Easy DIY Lawn Games You Can Build

Jumbo Block Tower
Troy Benson eases a block out an oversized Jenga game at a bar in Denver. AAron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post via Getty Images

This giant version of Jenga allows players to stack wooden blocks into a tower and then remove pieces -- block by block -- without disturbing the rest of the tower.

To make your own, cut 2-by-4-inch (5-by-10-centimeter) boards into 10.5-inch (26.6-centimeter) pieces. After you have a total of 72 pieces, sand the edges and sides until smooth. The original Jenga game has 54 pieces, but you'll want this tower to be taller than average.

Apply a thin coat of gloss paint or clear sealant and allow the game pieces to dry. This step makes it easier to slide individual pieces out of the tower during a game.

To play, place three wooden blocks side by side on a flat surface. Top them with three more pieces placed in the opposite direction. Continue alternating layers until all the pieces have been stacked into a tower. Players then take turns removing individual pieces from the tower and placing them on top of the stack. Eventually, the tower will collapse; the last player to successfully remove and replace a block is the winner [source: The Home Depot].