Easy DIY Lawn Games You Can Build

Giant Dice Game
A man throws a giant die while taking part in a huge Monopoly game in Berlin in 2005. The aim was set a record for the largest Monopoly game ever. © TOBIAS SCHWARZ/Reuters/Corbis

What better way to get the fun rolling than by a roll of the dice? Especially when the dice are larger than life and perfect for backyard play.

While you could purchase a set of outdoor dice, making your own allows you to customize the set and create an heirloom your family will enjoy for generations.

For a set of six dice, you'll need six 4-by-4-inch (10-by-10-centimeter) cubes of lumber. If you don't have a band saw, you can always have the lumber cut to size at a home improvement store.

Once you have six wooden cubes, use sandpaper to smooth their edges and sides. Then, using a glossy outdoor paint, add vinyl circles to the flat side of each die. One side should have one dot, another side should have two dots, and so on, so that the final side has six dots. Each die should have a total of 21 circles. After the dots dry, spray each die with a clear coat sealant and allow it to dry.

In just a few minutes you'll have a set of six dice that you can use to play classic games, including bunco, a game that is based entirely on luck and not skill [source: Summerville].