How to Create a Backyard Treasure Hunt

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Author's Note: How to Create a Backyard Treasure Hunt

This article came along at a serendipitous time for me, since my daughter turns 4 in a month and we weren't sure what we'd do to celebrate. As soon as she heard "treasure hunt," she was in. ("I'll go get my shovel!") Soon after agreeing to the plan, though, it occurred to me this might require more time than I have – but as soon as I started researching I stopped worrying. There are tons of people out there who've posted amazing clues and creative extras (one woman talked about using Lego creations for clues), and even better, kids' Web sites that offer downloadable clue sheets that are basically fill-in-the-blank. So if you're interested in making this happen but are concerned with the effort level, don't be. Just look around the Web a little.

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