How to Choose the Right Swingset for Your Kids

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Author's Note: How to Choose the Right Swingset for Your Kids

I still remember the day we bought our daughter her very first piece of playground equipment. She was only 18 months old, but judging by the increasingly taller pieces of furniture she summited in our living room, she showed great promise as a competitive alpinist. We sought out a simple climbing gym with a slide where she could hone her daredevil skills. I was thinking 50 bucks, tops. Nearly $300 later, we were driving home from the toy store with a box strapped to the top of the car that was nearly as big as the car itself. After hours of setup, I encircled the thing with rubber mats and let her at it. She was in heaven. Our daughter recently turned 8, and I don't think I've given her anything that brought her more happiness than that giant plastic play set. As it did for toddlers number two and three.

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