5 Fun Water Balloon Games for Kids

Water Balloon Catch
To play this game, you'll need dozens of grapefruit-size water balloons. Stephen Simpson/Photodisc/Getty Images

Who wants to a play a game of catch when scorching temps have turned the backyard into a veritable desert? If you're tossing water balloons, everyone! With this game, dropping the ball is a good thing.

To play, you'll need grapefruit-size water balloons and gallon-size milk jugs. Cut the bottom off the milk jugs so players can grasp them by the handles, turn them upside down and use them as "catcher's mitts." If you're really feeling crafty (or need an extra activity for the kids), have them decorate the milk jugs with ribbon and tape or stickers.

Divide the players into teams of two standing 3 to 5 feet (0.9 to 1.5 meters) apart. One player tosses the water balloon, while the other player tries to catch it in the milk jug without breaking the balloon. Older players can stand farther apart for an additional challenge. They may also to try it with the catcher blindfolded (the thrower tells the catcher where the balloon is headed).

The object is to see how many times the water balloon can be tossed and caught without breaking. But remember, a big splash is half the fun [source: Spoonful].