5 Fun Water Balloon Games for Kids

Water Balloon Race
In a water balloon race, you have to get to the other side without breaking your balloon. elvira boix photography/Flickr/Getty Images

Need a game fit for a crowd? A water balloon race will fit the bill.

To get started, split four or more players into two even teams and have a dozen (or more, depending on the number of players) balloons filled and ready to go. Map out a course for the runners. The course can either be straight course and without obstacles that players can run at a sprint, or it can be winding and include obstacles to go around, over or under.

The players on each team will queue behind a starting line and, upon hearing "go," take turns running the course while holding a water balloon. (You can make it even harder by having the runner keep the balloon tucked under his or her chin.) The object is to get to the far end of the course and back without breaking the balloon. If the player succeeds, he or she hands the water balloon to the next player. However, if the balloon pops en route, the player must get a new balloon and start over. The first team to complete the course wins [source: PBS Kids].