5 Fun Water Balloon Games for Kids

Water balloon fights are fun but there are other games you can play with water balloons. See pictures of waterfalls. Digital Vision/Photodisc/Getty Images

Summer heat plus water balloons? The only answer to this equation is "good times." We've discovered five water balloon games that are not only fun, but also likely to get all the players soaking wet. All you need to get started are some inexpensive water balloons.

Water balloons differ a little from air balloons. Both are made of latex, but water balloons tend to be elongated in shape and thinner in material, which allows them to break more easily. You can fill them from a faucet or hose with a nozzle. Just don't overfill them, or they'll burst before you use them.

While you and your kids are filling the balloons, you can even sneak in a little summer learning. Toddlers or preschoolers can get an early lesson in surface tension as the balloons fill with water and change in shape; they can compare the weight of a water-filled balloon and an air-filled balloon. Older children can estimate how many balloons they can fill with water in a minute -- and then find out. Or, they can gauge and test how full a balloon can become without popping [source: Funtastic Fun and Learning].

Once all these experiments are done, these games will keep everyone engaged. Who knows, a water balloon battle may even break out.