5 Tips for Backyard Movie Night

For some of your guests, sitting on the ground is about as much fun as watching a movie on an old black-and-white TV. ©Hemera/Thinkstock

Perhaps one of the biggest no-nos in throwing an outdoor movie night is the assumption that everyone will want to sit on the ground. They won't. Maybe it's due to lower back pain (which nearly 5.5 million Americans alone have) or maybe it's nothing more than a wet grass comfort issue. To keep your movie-attending audience happy, provide plenty of seating options, and be creative [source: ACR]. Some guests may prefer lawn chairs or folding chairs to sitting on the ground, but a hammock, chaises and other lounge furniture could make for an even greater escape. Don't forget the moisture-resistant pillows and cushions, and have a stash of blankets ready for your guests.