5 Tips for Backyard Movie Night

Dragging a TV and extension cord outside for the kids might be fun, but you can do even better. ŠiStockphoto/Thinkstock

When drive-in movies debuted in 1933, they gave car-loving movie-goers the choice to forgo the theater experience and watch movies with their friends and families in their own vehicles. And by the late 1950s, our love for outdoor movies generated the most drive-ins we'd ever see in the U.S. Today, our laptops can give us one better than that: backyard movie night -- without the confines of the car. And unlike community outdoor movie nights, when you host your own you get the ultimate flexibility. You get to choose the movie, you get to choose the snacks, and you get to choose the crowd.

But this isn't an IMAX experience; there won't be any air conditioning. And not everyone will want to sit on the ground. Let's talk tips about seating first.