5 Outdoor Craft Ideas for Kids

It's a safe bet that the birds in the neighborhood are pretty excited about the crafts these little girls have assembled. ©Ronnie Kaufman/Larry Hirshowitz/Blend Images/Corbis

The norm for most people nowadays seems to involve sedentary stretches of time spent in front of a glowing screen, but there's lots of family fun to be had doing things that don't involve vegetating indoors. You and your offspring can get out in the fresh air and commune with nature while gathering materials and working on imaginative arts and crafts projects. Such pursuits can spark your kids' creativity and provide opportunities for science- and nature-related lessons.

Most, if not all, crafts require parental supervision, but that just means you get to connect with your children during enjoyable group activities. Whether for educational or family bonding purposes, have a little constructive fun in the sun with the following five outdoor craft ideas for kids. Just don't forget the sunscreen.