5 Mind-blowing Backyard Playsets

Not Your Grandma's Swingset
This CedarWorks model is from the company's Frolic line. It's priced at $24,240. Invest in it and you may have to turn away kids from neighboring counties. And states. Photo courtesy CedarWorks

So you're more of a traditionalist, say, and have no interest in sailboat structures, clubhouses in trees -- and you certainly don't want to mess with playing around in a public park. In fact, you're so particular about your swingsets, slides and monkey bars that you'd prefer to design them yourself.

No problem -- CedarWorks has you covered with not only gasp-inducing playsets (they start at $2,500), but a tool to help you design your own plaything [source: CedarWorks]. While a lot of the designs are technically traditional (swingsets, tire swings, slides, climbing walls), the company uses only northern white cedar with bigger wood cuts. The company also donates seedlings to offset their timber, and the sets are environmentally friendly enough to be "returned to the earth" without leaching chemicals from the wood [source: CedarWorks].

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