5 Mind-blowing Backyard Playsets

Duffy's Diner
Could this playset be nicer than some of the joints you frequent? Photo courtesy Lilliput Play Homes

Sure, those of us with a hardy imagination might enjoy our little toy kitchens with wooden blocks of "bread" and plastic cast-iron skillets. But when it comes to playing restaurant, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more realistic version than Duffy's Diner ... short of actually employing a 4-year-old off-the-books in a greasy spoon.

You know you've got an awesome playset when Duffy's (a replica of a '50s-style retro café) isn't just a fun idea, but may actually be nicer than most restaurants you eat at regularly. Not only does it have the checkerboard floor I'd kill for in my own kitchen, the drive-through window and an add-on kid-sized red leather booth, it also has the option of an exterior drive-in movie theater screen. Let's repeat: This playhouse has the option of adding a drive-in movie theater screen. Starting at $7,200, you could buy a fairly decent car for the cost of using that drive-in screen.

But do consider that the cost might be offset if you can somehow convince the neighbor kids that shakes cost $5 a pop.