5 Recipes for Gourmet S'mores

More Than Just Milk Chocolate
Adding gourmet chocolate to your s’more is an easy way to upgrade the campfire classic. ©iStockphoto/Thinkstock

A square of milk chocolate may be traditional for campfire s'mores, but to dress things up a bit, experiment with the intensity of chocolate you use. Try swapping the classic milk chocolate squares for dark chocolate to bring a bit of bitterness to all that sugary sweetness, or add a nutty flavor with a chocolate-almond or chocolate-hazelnut spread. Fans of a salty-sweet combination will want to try chocolate with a touch of sea salt. And despite protests from chocolate lovers, also experiment with practicing chocolate restraint: Use only a drizzle of chocolate sauce, or add or substitute flavors that aren't chocolate, such as using salted caramel, Biscoff cookie butter, or a salted peanut butter and chocolate combination.