5 Great Backyard Water Games

Jump the Puddle
Jump rope is a lot more fun -- and challenging -- if you're holding a cup of water in one hand. Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock

Children love splashing in puddles, so naturally they'll enjoy creating puddles on a hot, summer day.

For this game, you'll need at least three participants and a few simple things: water, plastic cups and a long jump rope (the kind built for one person to hold at each end).

To begin, select a person to jump the rope. While the other two players twirl the jump rope, the person in the middle jumps the rope six times -- while holding a full cup of water. The game ends by judging which of the participants completed six jumps with the most water left in their cup. Although the person with a full cup wins, we'd argue the players who get soaked are the real winners [source: Disney].

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