5 Great Backyard Water Games

Water Wars
There's nothing more entertaining in the summer than a good old water pistol fight. Flying Colours Ltd/Photodisc/Thinkstock

Think the only place to cool off outdoors in the summer is a swimming pool? Not so fast.

Using inexpensive water guns -- especially the "super soaker" kind -- you can not only get wet, but also put a fun twist on other backyard games. Take freeze tag, for example. First, give every player a water gun and plenty of room to run. Watch out: You can be "caught" by the water spray from another player's water gun, and then you must freeze. The only way to become unfrozen is to have another player squirt you with their water gun. While this game doesn’t have a clear-cut “winner,” it’s great for groups.

Here's one variation that has a winner: The person squirted by "it" remains frozen until someone else unfreezes him by squirting him. If "it" freezes everyone without being tagged, she wins. If she's tagged, her tagger is the winner and becomes "it."

You can also play tag with just one water gun. The person who is "it" keeps the water gun and squirts other players and until he or she is tagged by one of them. The person who tagged "it" then takes possession of the water gun [source: Family Education].