10 Steps to Creating a Summer Fun Area


The Artist's Way

Your kids can be sidewalk chalk artistes!
Your kids can be sidewalk chalk artistes!

Much like sensory tables, obviously children can create their art indoors. But if you want to both get them outdoors and foster their creativity, why not? Sure, you can just send them outside with paper and crayons or their easels and paint. But since it's summer and you're going outdoors anyway, you might as well branch out and do something different for your outdoor art projects. You can easily set up an art area on your deck or patio on a picnic table. You can even store the supplies outdoors (protected from the elements, of course) so there's no waiting for you to hunt down everything that you need.

Where to start? Sidewalk chalk is lots of fun and cleans up the next time it rains or with a hose. You can introduce your kids to hopscotch and bring in some physical activity. You can make chalk paint by crushing those tiny pieces of broken chalk into a fine powder and adding water. Or make your own paint from scratch by mixing cornstarch, water and food coloring until it has a good paint consistency. Your driveway will become a work of art. Other outdoor painting ideas include filling water guns or spray bottles with colored water and painting on paper or other surfaces.