10 Everyday Backyard Hazards and How to Fix Them

Pool Pitfalls
It's no secret that kids love pool time, so let them enjoy -- always with adult supervision. ©Creatas/Thinkstock

Pools provide haven from summer's soul-blistering heat. But these chlorinated sanctuaries are perilous to kids, pets and adults when they're used improperly or without supervision.

Kids, especially small children, are a particularly high-risk group when it comes to pools. Many small children lack the swimming skills necessary to keep themselves safe from drowning. In 2010, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that in the U.S., more than three-quarters of all pool-related fatalities involved kids under the age of 5, and that most incidents happened at a residential pool [source: Pool Safely].

Proper supervision should be the top priority at every pool. A lifeguard or adult should always be present and aware of who is in the water. Ideally, that person will also know how to perform CPR in case of an emergency. Fences are also critical. A tall, lockable fence goes a long way toward preventing unsupervised swimming.

Teach children and adults basic swimming skills so that they can protect themselves. Anyone can learn to swim, and that understanding can literally mean the difference between life and death.