Wonder Woman's Dirty Secrets

By: Dave Coustan

Wonder Woman's Special Powers and Weapons

Marston's Wonder Woman is an Amazon princess who grew up on an island called Paradise Island, or Themyscira. She gained the title of Wonder Woman when she won a ceremonial contest and was declared the most skilled and intelligent member of her tribe. When an Air Force pilot named Steve Trevor crash-lands on Themyscira, the tribe sends their Wonder Woman to heal his wounds and accompany him back to "man's world" (the area outside of the island) as an ambassador. Back in man's world she takes on the identity of Diana Prince to hide her true nature.

Wonder Woman embodied Marston's vision of woman as intelligent, honest and kind. She had great powers of persuasion. As an Amazon, she was skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Unlike other super heroes, her mission wasn't just to stop crime, but to reform the criminals into upright citizens as well.


Here's a breakdown of her special powers and weapons:

  • Lasso of Truth - When bound with her lasso, criminals have no choice but to tell the truth. The lasso is unbreakable and infinitely stretchable. It was made by the Greek blacksmith god Hephaestus from the girdle of goddess Aphrodite.
  • Magic bracelets - In the story, all Amazons wear special bulletproof bracelets that are symbolic of their temporary enslavement to Hercules in Greek mythological history. When Amazons lose their bracelets they go insane with rage. Additionally, if a villain fuses them together, they weaken the wearer, like kryptonite to Superman.
  • Invisible plane - The invisible (or really so translucent as to appear invisible) plane doesn't get an origin until after Marston died. There are several conflicting explanations in the comics over the years - it's either an incarnation of Pegasus the flying unicorn or a morphing robotic substance she calls "Dome." As real-world technology advances, the invisible plane becomes an invisible jet.

The two other characters to last through all of the Wonder Woman comic series' from 1941 to today were Steve Trevor and Etta Candy, Wonder Woman's sorority girlfriend. Etta had a propensity to overuse her "Woo woo!" catch phrase. She was an all-purpose hero's best friend, inadvertently luring the hero into trouble one week, and giving her a hand with a difficult mission the next.