Hear and Now: Controversial Cartoonist Jack Chick Is Dead

Hear and Now: Controversial Cartoonist Jack Chick Is Dead HowStuffWorks Now

People around the world are celebrating Day of the Dead today and tomorrow, so let's kick off this week's roundup of the HowStuffWorks podcast with our story about Jack Chick, the U.S. cartoonist who recently died at the ripe, old age of 92. He was well-known for his "Chick tracts" that were printed and disseminated widely, and unabashedly advocated for people to lead a Christian life. Christian Sager, host of Stuff to Blow Your Mind and a comics creator in his own right, fills you in on who, exactly, Jack Chick was.

Host Jonathan Strickland took a break from humans to get up close and personal with Rovables, a new generation of wearables that can scamper up and down your clothing courtesy of magnetic wheels, an onboard battery that can last about 45 minutes and some enterprising researchers from Stanford and MIT.

The idea is that the multifunctional, mini bots could help with everything from tracking the wearer's health to serving as an impromptu bike light or name tag. One important note: Rovables aren't ready for the market yet. Check out the researchers' explanatory PDF for more details on the mobile wearables.

Last up is a story that we were just plain curious about and decided to research (Hey, that's the beauty of working at HowStuffWorks.). Writer Jesslyn Shields interviewed anthropologist Kara Hoover about why we humans, good at so many things, can't sniff out fresh water. That seems like an ability we would have developed along the way. But nope. Host and editor extraordinaire Christopher Hassiotis brings you that last story.

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