Hellboy Makeup: An Interview with Jake Garber

Final Questions

Left to right: Writer/director Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman on the set of "Hellboy"
Left to right: Writer/director Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman on the set of "Hellboy"
Photo courtesy © 2004 Revolution Studios Distribution Co., LLC. All Rights Reserved. Photo credit Jay Maidment Photo credit Jay Maidment

HSW: You have had a lengthy career doing many types of work for different films. With experience in beauty makeup, prosthetics, SFX makeup, puppetry, and animatronics -- what's your actual job title?

Jake Garber: Technically I'm a makeup artist. I've gotten out of the shop situation more so I can focus on makeup application.

HSW: What do you need to be a special-effects makeup artist?

Jake Garber: Special-effects makeup artist is a broad term. There's a broad range of stuff you have to understand to even get into it ... A little chemistry, a little psychology ... For instance you have to figure out quickly what they [the actors] want to do when they are in the chair. They may want to do their thing during makeup application. Do they want to chat, go over lines, or prepare for their day?

HSW: Do you have any crazy "Hellboy" stories to tell our readers?

Jake Garber: One story ... John Hurt was in the movie. He was sitting there having a cigarette talking to a guy that worked with him on the movie Alien. They hadn't seen each other in years. Funny thing is that last time they saw each other this guy was stuffing entrails into John Hurt. You meet a lot of interesting people.

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