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The filmmakers also produced a 30-minute featurette, describing many of their production techniques in great detail. Fiorella firmly believes in the educational value of studying other filmmaker's techniques. He hopes to produce a DVD one day presenting a complete feature film alongside a version of the same film made up of the raw footage without the special effects.

Fiorella and Sabloff would love to see their "Grayson" concept become a feature some day, but they recognize the inherent difficulties in selling the project. For one thing, the epic plot involves an unwieldy number of individually licensed characters, each of which constitutes its own corporate entity. Even if the filmmakers did get all of those properties together for the same picture, the "Grayson" trailer probably contains not one, but several movies' worth of plots. It's also particularly difficult to influence the pre-existing Warner Brothers schedule of superhero movie releases as an outsider.

In just a few months' time the trailer has already produced some positive outcomes. Fiorella now has an agent who is actively shopping both the "Grayson" trailer and a graphic novel adaptation. He continues to receive hundreds of e-mail messages each day from Grayson fans, and superhero and movie Internet message boards everywhere are abuzz with discussion of the project.

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