Fantastic Four's Canon Report Card

Origin of the Fantastic Four

Next we'll dive into the comic book versions of the origins of the Fantastic Four, information about the members of the group and their chief nemesis, Doctor Doom. After each description is a report card showing how the 1994 movie and the 2005 movie compare against the source material.

In the comic book, Reed Richards, a brilliant scientist, builds a spaceship and hopes to use it for space exploration and experiments. When his sources of funding threaten to cut him off, Reed decides to launch the ship early before the project is shut down. He convinces his old friend, Ben Grimm, to pilot the mission, and invites Sue and Johnny Storm to serve as crew members. Grimm expresses concern about the ship's safety, but agrees to pilot the vessel. The launch is a success, but while in space the ship encounters a cosmic cloud and all four members are exposed to radiation. They are forced to perform an emergency landing back on Earth, and they soon discover they have strange new powers.