Essential Doom

A Doom With A View

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Fantastic Four #247
Rip Van Doom

After awakening from a catatonic state, Doom returns to Latveria and learns that the nation has fallen into desperate times under the command of Zorba, a descendant of Prince Rudolfo. With the aid of the Fantastic Four, Doom defeats Zorba, retakes Latveria, and becomes the custodian of a young boy named Kristoff whose mother was killed in the fighting.

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Secret Wars #10
God For A Day

The cosmic deity known as The Beyonder abducts all of the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe to compete in a cosmic battle of the titans. Doom creates an armor that is capable of harnessing the power of the devourer of worlds, Galactus. After losing multiple limbs and even being dissected alive, Doom is somehow still able to use his intellect to defeat the Beyonder and obtain (temporary) Godhood.

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Fantastic Four #350
Daddy's Home

We are led to believe that Doom "died" in a previous issue, Fantastic Four #260. Now one of Doom's robotic Doombot henchmen enacts a contingency plan to brainwash Doom's ward Kristoff into believing that he is actually the real Victor Von Doom. So brainwashed that he believes the Doombot has somehow trapped him in the body of a child, Kristoff eventually gains control of Latveria. Unfortunately for Kristoff, the real Doom returns in this issue and is a little upset.