The Villains of Spider-Man 3

The Lizard

Suspect: Dr. Curt Conners AKA The Lizard
Suspect: Dr. Curt Conners AKA The Lizard

Comic Origin: After losing his arm to a blast while treating soldiers in the field, Dr. Curt Conners concocts a serum containing reptilian DNA to regrow the lost limb. Why not, right? Conners is successful in regenerating his arm, with the minor side-effect of turning into a giant mutant lizard when stressed out. The lizard side of Conners eventually gains its own personality and decides to (*yawn*) take over the world with an army of lizards.

Movie Status: Appears in Spider-Man 2 as Peter Parker's college professor.

Comic Status: Conners' estranged wife and kid show up and convince him to seek treatment for his condition after Spider-Man thwarts an attempt to enslave the world using tainted water.

Probability: With Kurt Conners already appearing in Spider-Man 2 (sans hand) as one of Peter Parker's college professors, things look good for a full-blown CG treatment of the half-man, half-reptile baddie. But unless he's playing second fiddle to the Green Goblin or Venom, don't expect to see this guy until at least sequel number 4.

Action Figure courtesy of Heroes by James