How the Batsuit Works

The Armor

The main element of the Batsuit is a modified, advanced infantry armor system called the Nomax Survival Suit. Like many pieces of the Batsuit, the Nomax Suit was developed by the Applied Science Division of Wayne Enterprises. (The exact nature of Batman's relationship with Wayne Enterprises is unclear at this point.)

The base of the Nomax Survival Suit is a neoprene undersuit, much like a SCUBA diver wears. This undersuit basically functions as waterproof, light armor with temperature-regulating elements that maintain the body's temperature and keep muscles from freezing up in the field. There are six pieces of over-armor that attach to the undersuit:

  • Knee guards
  • Calf guards
  • Leg armor
  • Arm guards
  • A full-torso vest
  • A spine guard

Batman has augmented the over-armor with his custom-designed, scalloped-brass forearm gauntlets (painted matte black, of course). These gauntlets, along with his Kevlar gloves, make Batman's arms a viable defensive or offensive weapon. His gauntlets allow him to protect himself against bladed weapons like swords or knives. The armor and scalloped blades also add extra power and pain to Batman's strikes.