10 Offbeat Circuses


The Acro-Cats

A cat performing during a show in the Moscow Cat Theatre, founded by famous Russian clown Yuri Kouklatchev.
And you thought cats didn't take direction well. YURI KADOBNOV/Staff

Call all the Web developers you know, and tell them that they're out of a job. The internet is officially a Finished Product, and no longer needs their attention. The best website in the world is online, and there is no reason to make any more. Behold, the power of Acro-Cats [source: CircusCats.org].

I know what you're thinking. Isn't this just a herding cats metaphor waiting to happen? Yes, it is. But that's what makes Acro-Cats (and their friends, The Rock Cats) one of the best offbeat circuses around. You'd really think it was impossible to get train cats to do much at all, besides give you sullen stares. But the Acro-Cats run agility courses, ride skateboards and do all sorts of awesome circus tricks. Not to be outdone, the Rock Cats play instruments and give a totally no-holds-barred performance.

What's even nicer is that the cats do seem to be in charge of their own schedule. According to trainer Samantha Martin, the cats' cages are opened for the performance, and if they don't want to do the act, they stay put. Instead of cajoling them out for performance on demand? Martin simply moves on. Why waste energy trying to convince a cat [source: BBC].