10 Offbeat Circuses


La Soirée

Hula hoop artist 'Marawa' performs during a photocall to promote the 'La Clique' Cabaret in London.
Many of the performers of La Clique have gone on to become a part of La Soirée. LEON NEAL /Staff

Oh, I'm sorry, are you not expecting a review of a circus to have the description of "sex-obsessed" in the headline [source: Billington]? Pity for you, who clearly haven't yet fully dived into the world of offbeat circuses. If you haven't gotten the idea so far, a lot of the unusual circuses we're covering borrow heavily from cabaret and burlesque to create a more scintillating adult show, with circus-like elements. La Soirée is one of the more popular acts that presents a sexed-up version of the ring.

And really, it's not even close to family-friendly. You might see performers wear S&M style bondage gear — and that's before they start stripping down as part of the act. The performances could be described as soft-core, with a healthy dose of audience participation. But hey, life is not all a cabaret. There are also jugglers, acrobats and clowns that populate the titillating world of La Soiree [source: Isherwood]. You can catch La Soiréeon tour, although keep in mind that it's more like a naughty bachelorette party than 9-year-old birthday celebration [source: La Soiree].