10 Offbeat Circuses


The Insect Circus

The Insect Circus bus outside of a venue.
Imagine your favorite circus acts done with creepy-crawlie outfits on. That's how you get The Insect Circus. flickr.com/drewleavy

Now don't you worry, we'll tumble our way down the list to a flea circus eventually. But the Insect Circus is another breed entirely. It's not about training ladybugs to jump through hoops or pushing spiders on a swing. Instead, the Insect Circus features players dressed as your favorite (or most nightmarish) creepy-crawlies, preforming various stunts and acrobatics, alongside human counterparts.

The Insect Circus also features a kind of sideshow that harkens back to the early days of the modern circus. The Travelling Museum features dioramas and working models of insects performing "tricks," all designed by Mark Copeland, the artist who founded the Insect Circus and serves as its ringmaster [source: Blustin]. The museum also serves as a kind of faux-history of the Insect Circus itself, where Copeland has created an exhaustive collection of mementos and souvenirs from the "history" of the Insect Circus Society [source: Insect Circus].

Now tongue-in-cheek circuses are all well and good, but let's rev our engines on an unusual circus that truly offers some death-defying performances.