Top 10 Famous Female Sideshow Freaks


Seven Sutherland Sisters

The Seven Sutherland Sisters raked in more cash as entrepreneurs than circus attractions, but the initial notoriety they gained on tour paved their way toward momentary wealth. Adopted daughters of Fletcher Sutherland, Sarah, Victoria, Isabella, Grace, Naomi, Mary and Dora Sutherland trained as a Barnum and Bailey Circus musical act with a show-stopping twist. After charming audiences with their vocal chords, the sisters would take down their hairdos toward the end of their performance, and their winding brunette tresses would tumble to the floor. Altogether, the Sutherland sisters had nearly 37 feet of hair [source: Sammarco and Rounds].

Their father realized that songs would only take his girls so far, and he capitalized on their long locks by concocting a Seven Sutherland Sisters' Hair Grower. With their circus act providing the free publicity, the tonic sold quickly, earning them $90,000 in its first year on the market [source: Sherrow]. In fact, hair tonic sales allowed the Sutherland Sisters and their legendary manes to retire from the circus. They squandered their fortune, however, and their empire eventually crumbled at the turn of the century, when bobs and other short hairstyles came into vogue [source: Sammarco and Rounds].