Vincent van Gogh Final Paintings

Farm near Auvers by Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh worked on Farm near Auvers in the summer of 1890, shortly before his death.

To paint the cottages nestled into the hills around Auvers-sur-Oise, Vincent selected a high point of view, recalling his enduring interest in the landscapes in Japanese prints. The thin application of paint in Farm near Auvers suggests that this work may have been left unfinished. But the strong, calligraphic strokes reflect the force of expression Vincent van Gogh achieved in his late brush work, without the characteristic heavy impasto.

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Debra N. Mancoff is an art historian and lecturer and the author of numerous books on nineteenth-century European and American painting, including Publication International, Ltd.'s, Monet and Impressionism. Other titles include Sunflowers, Monet's Garden in Art, Van Gogh: Fields and Flowers, and Mary Cassatt: Reflections of Women's Lives. Ms. Mancoff is a scholar in residence at the Newberry Library.