Sistine Chapel Michelangelo Paintings

By: Lauren Mitchell Ruehring

Creation of Sun, Moon, and Planets Within the Sistine Chapel Ceiling

In Creation of Sun, Moon, and Planets from the Sistine Ceiling 43 feet 5 inches) almost furiously energetic creator.
In Creation of Sun, Moon, and Planets from theSistine Ceiling43 feet 5 inches)almost furiously energetic creator.

In the Sistine ceiling detail Creation of Sun, Moon, and Planets (1508-12), Michelangelo depicted God bursting forward from the right, then quickly receding to the left, in the dramatic foreshortening that often characterized his later style. From the right, God seems to explode across the heavens, his mighty arms outstretched in a cross, suggesting the sacrifice of Christ. The sun and the moon, both darkened at the crucifixion, are visible near God's hands.

The Creation of Adam portion of the Sistine ceiling is one of the most recognizable works of art in the world. Learn more about how Michelangelo reimagined and interpreted this subject.


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