Michelangelo Sculptures

Medici Madonna by Michelangelo

Placed directly in the gaze of the two dukes on the tombs of Giuliano de' Medici and Lorenzo de' Medici, the Medici Madonna (1524 - 1534) is another impressive adaptation of one of Michelangelo's favorite subjects, the nursing Virgin.

Michelangelo's Medici Madonna
The Medici Madonna by Michelangelo is 7 feet 5-1/2
inches tall and stands in the Medici Chapel of
San Lorenzo in Florence.

The impression of movement in the Medici Madonna is exceptional; the Child is shown suspended in the act of fretfully searching his mother's breast for comfort.

Detail of Michelangelo's Medici Madonna
Detail of Michelangelo's Medici Madonna.

In her pose, the Virgin of the Medici Madonna is physically protective of the child, yet her expression is spiritually remote, as if sobered by the prospect of her child's future suffering.

Just as Michelangelo continued to return to the theme of the Virgin and Child as in the Medici Madonna, so he continued to explore the theme of the pietà. See the next section in this article for an example.

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