Claude Monet Paintings 1873-1878

La Gare Saint-Lazare by Claude Monet

Claude Monet's La Gare Saint-Lazare (29-1/2x39-3/8
Claude Monet's La Gare Saint-Lazare (29-1/2x39-3/8

Claude Monet painted La Gare Saint-Lazare in 1877. The crush of people and the arrival and departure of the trains posed a challenge to Monet's powers of observation, forcing him to work quickly and retain the sensations of light, steam, and motion in his memory.

The subtle and often spectacular effects of color that emerged as the sun filtered through the glass canopy over the tracks revealed to Monet that light was a subject with infinite variations.

See Monet's celebratory Rue Montorgueil in Paris, Festival of 30 June 1878 in the final section.

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