Claude Monet Giverny Paintings

By: Debra N. Mancoff

Flowering Arches, Giverny by Claude Monet

Flowering Arches, Giverny by Claude Monet is an oil on canvas (31-7/8x36-1/4 inches) housed in the Phoenix Art Museum.
Flowering Arches, Giverny by Claude Monetis an oil on canvas (31-7/8x36-1/4 inches)housed in the Phoenix Art Museum.

Claude Monet painted Flowering Arches, Giverny in 1913. To unite the flower garden in front of his house with the one across the road, Monet planted arched trellises to carry climbing roses. The flowering arches hid all traces of the nearby rail line, enclosing the water garden as a serene sanctuary cut off from the distractions of the modern world.

To paint the arches, Monet positioned his easel on the east bank of the pond to gain a broad view across the waters. Using vivid colors for the resplendent display of the roses in full bloom, Monet muted his tones to portray the shimmering reflections on the pond's glassy surface.


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Debra N. Mancoff is an art historian and lecturer and the author of numerous books on nineteenth-century European and American painting, including Publication International, Ltd.'s, Impressionism and Van Gogh. Other titles include Sunflowers, Monet's Garden in Art, Van Gogh: Fields and Flowers, and Mary Cassatt: Reflections of Women's Lives. Ms. Mancoff is a scholar in residence at the Newberry Library.