How Making It Works: Antigone Rising

Making It

Having examined Antigone Rising's path to "making it" from several angles and seeing what they have done to get where they are, let's return to the question that was asked earlier in this article: What is success? What does "making it" really mean?

There are so many different paths that lead to "making it" -- and so many destinations that could be considered having "made it" -- that it is still hard to define. Ultimately, if the artist achieves what he has set out to do in music, then he has succeeded, whether it's to make money or a difference.

If it is truly up to each artist to define success on his own terms, then Antigone Rising has truly "made it." No matter what happens as a result of the record contract, Antigone Rising has toured, traveled and achieved everything they have set out to do. With a well-crafted style, a sense of self-determination, a hard-earned fan base, a tried-and-true personal dynamic and a school-of-hard-knocks business education, even if the label were to drop Antigone Rising tomorrow, they could simply return to what they have always done: play, play and play some more.

Kristen inadvertently defines success when she answers a question about her life these days:

    I think my ultimate dream has always been to be in a band, to make music and make a living doing it ... And I've done it. We're doing it; we're living our lives exactly how we wanted to ... and it's happening exactly how I wanted it to be. It's pretty amazing.
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