How Making It Works: Antigone Rising


So at this point, the natural question would seem: Is it all worth it? -- All of the hard work and hardship that musicians go through in the name of such a long shot? Antigone Rising is the exception, not the rule, when it comes to trying to make it in the music business. But even now, with a record deal, their shining star is not set in stone. The future is always uncertain for anyone in the entertainment business; just because they are signed doesn't mean the hard work (or the hardship) is over.

Kristen discusses what fuels the perseverance that keeps Antigone Rising on track:

    I think that when you do what we do ... I'm sure most artists and bands would agree -- you have to be crazy enough to think that you are right around the corner from being a superstar in order to keep going. And there always does seem to be this, like, dangling carrot that keeps you going. And it's almost like a delusion. It's almost like the water, the mirage, on the highway [laughing]. I think that it's part of the game, part of the delusion. You always think you're right on the... the brink of big things.

    You have to be blind mad and obsessed with yourself. You've got to be pretty narcissistic. You've got to think you're pretty neat to think your going to pull this off. 'Cause it's hard work. It is really hard work. But, it's so worth it in the end, you know?

Antigone is the heroine of the Sophocles tragedy of the same name. Antigone defied Creon, the powerful ruler of Thebes, to honor her fallen brother Polyneices, an enemy of Thebes. In her defiance, Antigone found her true strength; and in Creon's harsh retribution he found his undoing. Antigone is a dense tale dealing with the themes of pride, gender roles, tyranny, the pitfalls of inaction, and moral and divine law.

Despite the forces arrayed against her, Antigone consistently rises to the occasion to stand up for what she believes is right. She meets her fate knowingly, with bravery and conviction.