How Making It Works: Antigone Rising


The backbone of Antigone Rising's success is their years of extensive touring. Kristen discusses the challenges of the road:
    There would nights we would play in Albany, New York, on a Friday night and Charlotte, North Carolina, on Saturday night. I mean, you have to be that insane. We would do anything to be on the road. We were willing to do anything. We were willing to play any show in the beginning.

Photo courtesy Antigone Rising and Lava Records
Antigone live!

Antigone Rising was setting up dates in cities where the band was unknown. To add to the challenge, when booking in an unfamiliar town there is no way to be sure which venue is best for your band. Kristen pulled from her experience to set up tours:

    You would just scour the Internet. You'd figure out what clubs are where. You'd figure out what bands you've heard of that are playing in certain places. You know -- Well, Leslie, in Atlanta, has a friend in Washington D.C. -- she's going to tap into him -- where's a good place to play? What's a local band in Washington D.C.? Can we get them on a bill? Slowly but surely, word of mouth, you know? ... I mean, every single person that ever uttered two positive words to us, we got their phone number. And we followed up. I mean, you have to be that diligent. We were. We still are.
Hooking up with other touring bands is an important move to get into cities where your band is unknown. But meeting those bands would end up being a job unto itself:
    The way we'd research is, we'd think of bands who are like us and figure out what they were doing. What rooms do they play? And eventually, you start making friends with other bands, you know? We would jump on bills with bands like the Push Stars, and the clubs wouldn't even know we were coming. The Push Stars would just show up and say, "Antigone Rising is with us. They're opening."
These band relationships wound up being crucial to Antigone Rising's development on the road. Kristen elaborates:
    One of the biggest things that you can do is get in front of other bands who love the band, who love your band. And they're going to tell their people, oh my god, you know, Antigone Rising was amazing and we want to play more shows with them. Then the booking agents says, "Who?" And they say, well, Antigone Rising.