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How Making It Works: Antigone Rising

Meet Antigone Rising

Antigone Rising is a five-piece, band from the New York/New Jersey area arrayed in the standard rock formation of two guitars, bass and drums fronted by a charismatic vocalist. In the days of shoe gazing pop, Antigone Rising carries the fallen flag of such classic rockers as Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, and Joan Jett.

Photo courtesy Antigone Rising and Lava Records
Jen, Dena, Cassidy, Cathy, and Kristen


Cassidy - Vocalist
Kristen Henderson - Guitar
Cathy Henderson -Guitar
Dena Tauriello - Drums
Jen Zielenbach - Bass

With five years and nearly 1000 shows under their belts Antigone Rising has taken the "do it yourself" road warrior approach to cultivating a following -- Guerilla promotion, self-produced CDs, and night after night of playing clubs.

Finally their years of hard work and touring have paid off. It is the scenario touring bands dream about; Antigone Rising was backstage after a show when record company president Jason Flom came into the green room ...

Kristen tells the story:

    It came together exactly the way you read about. He was at a show. He saw the band. He offered the band a deal backstage. It literally happened like that. Which sounds so cliché ... I was like, that is not how it happens. I've been doing this far too long to believe that.

In May 2003, Antigone Rising signed that deal with Lava Records, a division of Atlantic Records and a cog in the mammoth machine of the Warner Music Group. These days they are in the studio polishing their first commercial record. Having garnered the interest of famous producers like Tony Visconte (David Bowie's producer) and Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20, nods from publications like Rolling Stone and a coveted spot on stage at SXSW, Antigone Rising is standing in the doorway of dreamland. Now it's all potentiality -- here is that moment of critical mass.

Photo courtesy Antigone Rising and Lava Records
Rob Thomas, Cassidy, Kristen and Jason Flom at Sear Studios in New York City

Kristen explained, "When we started Antigone Rising the goal was to tour and build a grass roots following. You know that's all we cared about. We weren't really thinking bout anything else, but getting into a van and traveling -- touring. That's all we wanted to do."

Well, far from the days of simply just "wanting to tour" Antigone Rising is poised for success. But in the music business it's hard to define success.