How Making It Works: Antigone Rising

It's the ultimate dream: You pick up an instrument, learn your way around it, you start a band, you hit the road and before you know it, you're thanking your mom, your band mates and your producer at the Grammy's.

Photo courtesy Antigone Rising and Lava Records
Antigone Rising

Photo courtesy Antigone Rising and Lava Records
Kristen Henderson
For the thousands of musicians who try, the elusive brass ring of stardom and success remains just out of reach. It seems that no amount of talent, good looks, street smarts, business savvy or "friends in high places" guarantees anything in the big bad music business. So what is the secret formula of success that separates the 'chosen' from the 'frozen'?

The truth is there are as many paths to the spotlight as there are musicians who've actually made it there. And each one has a unique story that combines elements of luck, innovation, heart and hard work.

In this article HowStuffWorks talks to Kristen Henderson, the guitarist of the recently signed band Antigone Rising, to hear the details of just such a story. We will learn from Kristen the steps of Antigone Risings path, speculate on their future, and discuss their formula for success to try and see what goes into "making it" in music.