An Amityville Primer

What you keep in yo' house?

What supernatural forces could influence a man to murder his family and persuade a young family to leave their "dream house"? And better yet, why would they do this?

One legend is that an Indian tribe once resided on the land that eventually became the town of Amityville. It is said the land where the house on 112 Ocean was built was originally used as a sick bay where ill and insane members of the tribe were left to die at the mercy of the elements. In accordance with this belief, the haunting was a result of restless Indian spirits roaming the land. Another legend points to a man named John Ketchum, who escaped from Salem during the witch trials and built his house on the land where the Amityville house was later built. The tale suggests that Ketchum used the home to continue his practice of "devil-worship" and performed numerous sacrifices of pigs and dogs on the property. According to this story, Ketchum opened a "doorway to hell" which was never closed and the ensuing "horror" is the result of demons who have crossed over to our world. Of course, many other legends exist, ranging from stories that the house was built over an abandoned cemetery to rumors of a curse placed by an unjustly hung settler of early Amityville.